Isar Meitis

Isar Meitis

  • CEO of Be The Stage (

Isar Meitis is the CEO and co-founder of Be The Stage (, a CaaS company (Community as a Service), that is spearheading a new category of marketing, that they call Relationship Driven Growth. Isar is involved in the strategy definition and implementation of communities for businesses of different sizes and different industries such as tech startups, legal, healthcare, and real estate.

Isar is a serial entrepreneur from Israel, who held leadership positions in 3 tech startups before co-founding Be The Stage. Throughout his entire career, Isar learned that relationships are driving the world, and now his team gets to help other companies develop meaningful relationships at scale through community building.

Isar loves spending quality time with his wife and 3 kids. He also enjoys mountain biking, playing soccer, working out at the gym (as much as you can truly love that...) and he believes that you shouldn't take life too seriously ;-)

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